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Bike Workshop

At CycleSport Grafton we've got a workshop full of all the tools and spares to keep your bike looking good and riding sweetly! Whatever the problem, just drop in or give us a call and we'll get you back on the road, track or trail! From a basic service to a full rebuild, we can take care of everything from wheel truing to brake pad replacement, a full groupset swap and everything in between.

Quick Look


Lubing the Chain and checks
of the tyres.

Minor Service


Check over frame, lubing, adjustments of brake and gear cables and checks of the tyres.

Major Service

Road Bike: $70.00

Mountain Bike: $105.00

Any general repairs required are $55.00 per 30mins, plus parts.

Tyre Repairs
Suspension Service
Other Services

Front: $15
(not including new tyres or tube)

Rear $20
Ensuring gears realign (not including new tyres or tube)

Front or Rear $70.00
(not including seals if required)

We also can tune and align your electronic gears, setup digital components, complete strip down and rebuild of your bike or build up a new bike from your components.

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